Chris Stainthorpe


I’m interested in software which makes the world a better place – for instance by solving real business problems, or helping good causes.

I like digital marketing and product development. I’m pretty fly with Ruby on Rails, RSpec, and front end engineering which gracefully degrades.


O’Messy Life

I play bass.

Bison Hunting

I play guitar.

Boyscout Inferno

I played the noises.

In Love

I am in love


If given a platform, I will shoot my mouth off about topics I care about. This includes things like “Privacy, Anonymity and the Future” (TEDx Gateshead 2010), and “Names, pseudonyms, and who is hurt by a ‘real names’ policy?”.

Basically anything to do with how technology affects people and society. More specifically, how technology affects under-represented minority groups in society, and how it can be used to increase equality.

I am so not into chatting about ‘my red hot git workflow’ or ‘five amazing css tips’.


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